... Green Real Estate ...

Here are some green building construction features.

Green means:

Reducing Energy Use

Being kind to the Environment

Infill development reduces wilderness destruction.

Buy new within developed areas or in developing hinterlands? Cost tradeoffs include at least these:

Stay close, travel less. Transportation swallows life. It burns carbon and costs time, money, and stress. Less is more.

Save Water

Shower Water Capture and Re-Use

What makes more sense is shower water capture and re-use. A system should provide for

Shower water re-use is the best we can get because shower water outflows occur year round, daily, in all seasons, and that matches the requirements for toilet water supply which is also daily. The win is reduced because toilets are low-flow nowadays; in the old days of 3.5gpf toilets you could reduce total usage by a lot more than today with 1.28gpf toilets. Another reason it might not be such a win is that gray water used in toilets tends to discolor the toilet tank and bowl over time. Still, it's a better idea than rainwater capture for residential applications. I do think rainwater capture is a great idea, only at a much (Much) different scale. (My suggestion here.)


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