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Flames of inspiration often leave smoke signals behind.
From mine, these.

Money Etc.

Benefax (Progress)

Introducing the Benefax Flows Model, which generalizes economics from transactions to flows and from unidimensional, monetary valuation to many dimensions of value, and which focusses decision-making on downstream ripple effects. Much better!

Value in our 21st Century

Tom explores fundamentals around money.

Price discovery; Market Equilibrium a false idea; Money being the metric of Value, what is the value of money?; Financial forces: Hydraulic Flow versus Smarts; Can we even bet?; The Turkey, The Butcher, and the Antifragile Investor; The Making of Money; Tech Deflation; Two Arms of Value; Real Value; Epilogue.

Easy Taxes vs the Capital Gains Tax Loophole

Against the wrong and stupid tax cut that you get for not working. Every taxpaying voter should know about this, and get rid of it.

Sweet Accounting

Accounting has a language incomprehensible to outsiders. What are Dr and Cr? If you can't say what they are and where they go, you are under the accountant's thumb. Accountants also fail to teach the simple underlying rationale for it all. Job security, perhaps, or maybe they don't understand it themselves. Here I explain the whole thing from first principles and understandably. Please read and share, because everyone needs to know some accounting.

Worthless Bitcoin?

0 ≤ BTC but USD < BTC

Why Insurance is Evil

An amazing gift; a morality play; a clear case.

Money Game: a modern business model

A strong business model in the internet world is a money game, a sticky social game world where value is created and retained inside it. Here are some characteristics of a money game. Start here, conceptually, to make the next Facebook, which will be a Creative Game World, a long-term network-effect business in the cloud.

Real Estate

Essays on why real estate. A purchase evaluation service. Properties. Documents. Calling BS on the investment industry. Arguing for indexing applied to stocks vs real estate. Describing a valid investment model.

Real Estate Purchase Evaluator

Login, fill in some inputs, the program automatically runs the numbers for you, generating a report, projected cashflows and income/expense details, and all the evaluation metrics and ratios you'd like. I use this all the time when I want to decide whether to buy a rental property. Because the numbers need to work.

Real Estate as an Investment

Why should a large majority of your portfolio be in real estate?

Indexing into Real Estate

Indexing is the intellectually responsible approach to investing. How does it apply to real estate?

A Valid Investment Model

BRRR optimized for early retirement and a great pension.

Scranton Veatch LLC

Has two rentals in Northeast PA.

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