US-sponsored Murderous Dictatorships:
A List

The greatest crime ever perpetrated in the name of America is the US government's long-established practice of installing and supporting so many murderous dictatorships, primarily after the end of colonialism and during the Cold War with the all-justifying excuse of anti-communism.

How many murderous dictatorships has the US installed or supported?

Let's count.

ChileGen. Augusto Pinochet1973-1990coup ordered and supported, 3095 murdered or "disappeared" according to the Chilean government. 400,000 tortured.


ArgentinaGen. Jorge Rafael Videla1976-198130,000 murdered. more


IndonesiaSuharto1965 coup against left-leaning Sukarno,
1975 support of East Timor genocide
500,000 dead after 1965 coup; 100,000-230,000 dead in East Timor;


more, more, more.


GuatemalaArmas, Fuentes, Montt, etc.1954-1986 200,000 killed or missing


IranThe Shah of Iran1954-1979e.g., 25000-50000 political prisoners in 1975 alone (Amnesty Int'l)


(Ayatollah Khomeini was on the CIA payroll in the 1970s in Paris.)


EgyptSadat, Mubarak1978-today


IraqSaddam Hussein


NicaraguaAnastasio Somoza & sons1937-1979


ParaguayStroessner. US supported throughout ( says US has supported Paraguayan development since 1942) ($142M between 1962 and 1975)




BoliviaCol. Hugo Banzer overthrew elected leftist president Juan Jose Torres




AngolaJonas Savimbi/UNITA (didn't actually win his revolution, but killed or displaced millions)







Saudi ArabiaSaud family



Kuwaita monarchy


Atrocities on its own people by the government the US saved and reinstalled reported here
















Noriega was US-supported for years



HaitiPapa Doc, Baby Doc



Dominican RepublicTrujillo, a military dictator for 32 years with US support for most of that time; Belaguer, Trujillo's protege, installed after US Marines intervened to put down an attempt to restore the democratically elected government of Juan Bosch


1930-61, 1965-78





El Salvador1980s


Nepalmonarchysince 1948


CubaFulgencio Batistapre-Castro


BrazilGen. Branco overthrew elected president Goulart with US support




UzbekistanKamirov "The Boiler", $150M from the Bush administration for an air base.1965-67


There are some gaps of information there. If you know any details that could help fill the gaps, let me know, it would be much appreciated.

So I count 25. Rough numbers, let's not be picky.

I barely have 25 people in my pingpong club, we're talking 25 countries.
Now that's a bleeping crime.

So who's responsible? I am an American: I am responsible.

So what am I going to do about it? I'm going to be an American, and express myself, with attitude, about what I do and don't like in this world, and tell everyone what I think has got to be done. So keep on reading.

And you? Be an American too: make up your own mind, persuade yourself, and try to persuade the rest of them. Talk leads to action, so talk!


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