City Dwelling Chicken Dwellings

The coolest coops in Seattle have Barred, Red, and Black Frizzled Bantam Cochins, Silver Pencilled Rock Bantams, and Half Blue Silky, Half Black Cochin Bantams. They have names like Sakura, Hinata, Dino, George, Eliot, Wallace, and Alice.
You're right, one has to go soon. Ours is a female chauvinist (chicken) society: roosters are intolerable in Seattle. Goodbye Wallace!
A bantam is a miniature chicken, between 1/5 and 1/3 the size of a regular chicken.

Buff, barred, blue, red, silver-pencilled are chicken colors and color patterns.

Cochin, rock, wyandotte, orphington are chicken breeds.

Our chickens sleep in Garden Beds, under Chicken Tractors.
  • The dirt under a chicken tractor is sterilized of all life by voracious, carnivorous chickens eating every bug, seed, weed, root, dandylion, and microbe that they can find, and they keep scratching and looking all day even when nothing is there.
  • Then they turn your table scraps and tossed-in compost or leaves into nice fertilized chicken-manured organic growth medium.
  • Then you move the Chicken Tractor to the next Garden Bed.
  • Then they do the same to that one, while you grow amazing stuff in the first.
It's cool to have a super-special unique chicken coop tractor.
  • It's beautiful. Your yard will look great with this in it.
  • It connects you to others. Kids and neighbors come up to look at your chickens and make friends, ask you to see an egg, or pet a chicken. It looks great, it makes chickens approachable and fun.
  • You might be a Seattle resident with a perfect garden bed, or a plan to make some (these could go on the ground too, the block bed is not required), or just an affinity for beautiful chicken coops.
  • You might have chickens already or you might not. We can help you find some.
  • We get an egg a day from most of our chickens. Two bantam eggs make one store bought egg, but they're brighter, prettier, brown or different colors, and better in all kinds of ways: more Vitamin E, less cholesterol, etc., etc. And the yolks are BRIGHT yellow! Look it up.
We have designed and built a super-nice chicken tractor that fits right in our garden beds.
  • Actually we designed the garden beds and the tractors to fit each other.
  • The bed is 5 CMU blocks long and 3 CMU blocks wide. We built ours three rows tall, and this makes a bench and potting perimeter perfect for gardening while sitting or standing rather than on your knees in the dirt.
  • The double-paned vinyl window to the nesting box makes a sweet way to grab eggs or chickens out of there, but it was a unique Craigslist find, not something we can reliably source again to built more coops, except at $99 from Lowe's. We're planning to put a white wall with a door and hook in it.
  • You can see what's inside through the clear corrugated plastic roof.
  • Our coop has a smaller nesting area and a larger screened area. Chickens feel protected in the nesting area, but they can also come out when they're bored.
  • A 60 watt lamp keeps them warm at night, in the snow, all winter. If it's not too cold, they don't need the lamp at night. Lamp not included.
No longer taking orders for coop copies.
  • Your friend in the fashionable, practical, super-green city dwelling chicken dwelling business,

    Tom and Friends


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