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Perfect Pingpong Ball Pickup Net

Here is the perfect net to pick up a hundred pingpong balls after practice.

It's a fish net for Koi (pond carp). Cheap! and Perfect!

None of these pictures of related Python brand nets do it justice.

Part number:

The one we want is in this product family, but it's different from the ones in the picture. The 10" x 7" with 24" handle one is what we want; it has a relatively longer handle, a shorter/wider opening, and a horizontal bottom for sweeping along the floor.

I just ordered 5, for a cost of around $50 total including shipping. Two for me and my practice partner to pick up the gross of balls on the floor after a multi-ball session, two for another friend who has a robot, one for a gift. A Perfect gift for a pingpong player! (and No, I'm not making any money off this!)

I ordered it from Jonah's Aquarium in Ohio.

Part Number PY0034, 10"x7" net w/24" Handle, $8.50 plus shipping. Then in 2005 I ordered 5 more from Drs. Foster & Smith, the Ulti-Net 10x7,24" handle, for even less, only $40.44 including shipping.


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