Dear  Thomas Veatch

I will answer your questions, with what I know.

1. Who is the boy in the pictures?  

The boy is a chinese. He was born in 1989-07-22. 

His name is nWang Guang-yao.

He is now in farm team of chinese table tennis. Also he belongs to
Beijing t.t te am.  I don't know what kind of rubber he use.

His main record :

He was a winner of men's single in amateur table tennis meeting of
China at 2000.

And He was a member of china team at East Asia Hopes Table Tennis
Meeting in 2000. China team was a winner.

The Pictures (in my site) are images at U-17 Meeting. He was a 
runner-up in men's single.

Please refer to this site: .

2. Is he your student?  

A : No. 

3. What is his playing level, and how long has he been playing this
way?  Was he a penholder or shakehand player previously?

A : I don't know. But, I think that maybe his rating point - in terms
of America( San Diego) - is over 2,400 or 2,500(??? hem...).

Please refer to this site : .


4.  I was surprised and very interested to see that your pictures show
pips-out rubber on the top (thumb) side of the paddle.

Now I use 2 different rubbers.

One is short pimple-out rubber. It's name is PF4-652-js(Nittaku, Japan). 

The other is pimple-in rubber, Hurricane , or (Double Happiness, China). 

I was a penholder before and chinese penholder player between 11. 1998
and 07. 20 00. Also I was a shakehand player util 02. 2001.

I am using the rubber (pf4-652-js) from 02. 1999. Occasionally I used
some kind of pimple-out ruber by way of trial.

I used some kind of rubbers ; impartial, spectol, spectol-speed,
specialist(Nittaku), express(Nittaku), PF4-652-cs, Tango-ultra(Jolla),
etc......  But I changed all kinds of pimple-in rubber.

I used many kind of rubers ; Sriver, Magic carbon, Pf4-cs, Pf4-js,
Waldner, G888-cs, G888-js, Moristo, Tango extreme, RITC729-3

Desto F1-s, Michelangelo(Champion, Korean Company), etc...... so
many.... I can't count them.

5. What is your experience with pips on the thumb side?  

I called my paddle surface, F1, F2, B1, B2.

F1 : I hit the ball with pimple-out rubber, forehand ; In your case,
thumb side f orehand.

I use smash, blocking, chop with F1. Now I use mainly ; smash follow
F2- to p-spin drive.

F2 : I hit the ball with pimple-in rubber, forehand ; I use top-spin
drive.  Sometimes I use top-spin drive after knuckle-service. And I
use F1 in rally often.

Occasionly, I drive opponent service with F2-top-spin. 

B1 : I hit the ball with pimple-out rubber, backhand.

I use B1 in service receive, chop, push(half volley), and blocking.

B2: I hit the ball with pimple-in rubber, backhand ; I use top spin drive.

And I apply with B2 at service receive. I do chop or backhand top-spin
drive, push and blocking.


6. Do you recommend it (short or long pips) ?  I also tried long pips
on the thumb side but it seems difficult to learn; how ever, it is
possible it would repay the effort.

Yes, I do. It is very powerful. 

But if one didn't used once pimple-out rubber, I would not recommend.
Because, it is so difficult to learn as you write.

Long pimple-out rubber? Well, the more skillful, the more powerful????


Thank you very much.

Yim, Dong Myn

p.s. I can write a little in English. So I worry about whether you could
understand my mail or not.

If you have obscure point, please question me again.